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Cate Le Bon & Bradford Cox - Myths 004
Mexican Summer
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1 novembre 2019

As sure as if it had been mapped in the stars, or written in a prophecy buried deep beneath the sands of the Marfa desert, a collaboration between Cate Le Bon and Bradford Cox was always something of an inevitability. After years of admiring each other’s work from afar, the two finally converged on Marfa, Texas in 2018, at Mexican Summer’s annual Marfa Myths festival. Gaps puttied by a band of frequent Cate Le Bon co-conspirators on drums, saxophone, percussion, keys and additional guitar (Stella Mozgawa of Warpaint, Stephen Black of Sweet Baboo, Tim Presley of White Fence, and Samur Khouja); the EP–fourth in Mexican Summer’s Myths series–was written and recorded in just one week.

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  1. 1 Canto 4:16 Acquista


  2. 2 Secretary 2:41 Acquista


  3. 3 Companions In Misfortune 1:50 Acquista

    Companions In Misfortune

  4. 4 Constance 6:03 Acquista


  5. 5 Fireman 3:04 Acquista


  6. 6 Jericho 0:28 Acquista


  7. 7 What Is She Wearing 6:43 Acquista

    What Is She Wearing

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